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Aww Bbby by kabukiaku Aww Bbby :iconkabukiaku:kabukiaku 185 6 Chip's question by muffinpoodle Chip's question :iconmuffinpoodle:muffinpoodle 214 130
The Kindest Monster|Underfell!Papyrus x Reader
Huffing and puffing, you ran through the snow, not caring where the path was taking you.
All that matters was that you got away from that mad goat-woman and her house of hell. Toriel may have been the sweetest and kindest creature who was only trying to protect you from the outside world of the Underground...but the moment you told her you wanted to leave the Ruins, she showed your her true colors.
As punishment for even thinking about leaving, Toriel used her fire magic to give you serious burns to your arms. After that, she healed you up and wrapped bandages around the wounds, but only when you promised not to leave her again.
For a few days, you stayed with her. And each day that went by she grew more and more possessive to the point where she was calling you every hour you spent out of her sight.
Finally, you couldn't take it anymore and, while she was asleep, you sneaked out of the Ruins. But you heard her shouting and saw her fireballs hurling towards you, so you ran
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 482 89
MERCY|Underfell!Sans x Pacifist!Reader
Your shoes clacked against the marble floors of Judgment Hall. This was the final area before you could go meet King Asgore and escape this hell called the Underground.
There was a slight limp in your step, considering all the times you've died trying to spare Monsters left and right, showing them "kindness"-a word that was very foreign to them.
"[Y-Y/n].." The flower who has been by your side since the beginning whispered to you timidly. You stopped in your tracks and looked ahead of you as the chiming of a church bell rang out, echoing through the hall.
Now you were awaiting judgement, for any and every little thing you've done during your journey.
"Congrats," the shadowy figure slowly clapped their hands. "You've made it this far. You've definitely changed a lot of people here. Instead of gaining LOVE, you You showed everyone MERCY, even when they didn't deserve it. How did you do that? Are you really that nice to everyone t
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 509 86
Better When I'm Dancing|Dancetale!Sans x Reader
" this world, it's Dance or Don't Dance...and you clearly have no talent!" Flowey sneered.
You sighed, looking down at your feet. As if that insult wasn't another stab to your already low self-esteem...
"Hey, at least she ain't rooted on the spot unlike you." Looking over your shoulder, you were surprised to see Sans standing there, looking rather grim even with that permanent smile on his face. With his hood up, it made him look even more menacing.
"In fact, I bet [y/n] has more talent in one toe than all of the Monsters here combined," Sans growled, before looking over at you apologetically. "C'mon kid." He put his hand out to you. "We don't have to listen to this weed any longer."
"Okay." With a nod, you grasped his hand and you both teleported to a familiar place: Sans' room. It was nearly empty, granting him plenty of room to practice his breakdancing, a type of dance you admired. 
But you grew up learning and loving [favorite type of dance], but some p
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 265 72
The next morning Sans x Reader x Papyrus
 Sans x Reader x Papyrus
  (y/n) yawned, and fell off the skeleton brother's couch rather gracefully. The two mentioned ran downstairs, Papyrus wearing curls on his skull and Sans looking around with glowing eyes.
  "Are you okay, h- (y/n)? We heard a loud thump, and I, the Great Papyrus, was worried." he announced loudly, possibly waking up a few neighbors. (y/n) rolled over and sat up.
  "I'm fine. I just fell of the couch it's no big dea-" she started to say, but was interrupted by Papyrus grabbing her shoulders.
  "Are you hurt? No need to answer. You'll be sleeping safely with my brother and I! We shall keep you hidden from the floor, since you will be sleeping in between us! Right, Sans? Eh, Sans?"
  After seeing (y/n) was safe, Sans had fallen asleep on the floor. The girl face-palmed as Papyrus stomped over to his brother, shaking him awake and then carrying him upstairs. The late teen human followed behind them with a smile and a stifl
:iconchasitythewolf:chasitythewolf 189 94
Sans x Reader- Daddy Kink
"Darling, I'll be back in a moment," Mettaton started, pushing Papyrus away from his neck, and stood up. Papyrus looked at him with puppy-dog eyes, and Mettaton resisted crawling back into the racecar bed with the skeleton. "Sorry Pap, my bad deed senses are acting up."
"I SWEAR I THREW AWAY THE SPAGHETTI THIS TIME!" Papyrus told him, then crossed his arms. "GEEZ, I CAN'T GET A BREAK WITH YOU!" Mettaton hid his smile from Papyrus, covering his mouth with his hand.
"No, it's not that. Just give me a moment. And then we can get back to business." He winked, and strutted out of the room.
Mettaton walked over to Sans's door, and stood there for a moment with his hand on the knob. He pulled out a bobby pin from his hair and within half a minute the lock was unlocked. 
"Sans, we're going to keep Papyrus up all night, stop," A small voice came from inside. Mettaton froze and took his hand away from the knob. A deep sigh came after that.
"Alright, alright, I'll stop if you call me daddy~"
:iconwownsfwshit:wownsfwshit 630 151
Error!Sans X Shy!Reader: Haphephobia
You shivered in the vast whiteness of the anti-void. That strange, dark, deranged Sans had brought you here...
It was scary. This place...was terrifying.
But you remembered what Frisk had told you.
'Stay determined and be kind.'
Maybe if you were nice enough to him...
Before you could finish that thought, a glitched voice entered your hearing.
"Hello, little puppet. Are you willing to tell me your name now, or will I name you...?"
You had refused to tell earlier. Well, not so much refused as you forgot how to speak...
"My n-name is (name)."
You were pleasantly surprised when he gave a little smile.
"That's a beautiful name! Much better than the name I was gonna give you..."
"And... what would that be?"
"Prisoner number 64."
You didn't know whether to laugh or flinch at that. It was funny that he actually considered calling you that, though you weren't sure why you found it funny... But it was kind of scary when you realized the meaning of that name.
You were his 64th prisoner
:iconcode2000:Code2000 232 113
Sans x Reader fluff
(Name) looked over, smiling, as she noticed that Sans wasn't paying attention. She reached inside his jacket and touched one of his ribs, feeling how nice and smooth it wa-
"Gehehehehehehehehehehe! Stahahahahahahahahap thahahahahahahahahahat!"
(Name)'s grin only got bigger as she gently tapped her fingers up and down his ribs like a xylophone.
"Nohohohohohohohoho! This is so strahahahahahahahange!"
(Name) stopped and looked up at him.
"What is strange?"
"Whatever you just did, kid. It felt weird."
"What, tickling? You're ticklish!"
"G-gah! No don't say that!!"
"Huh? Why?"
"... Because. That word... It sounds..."
He started to blush.
"That word is embarrassing and cute..."
"It's not as cute as finding out that my sweet, adorable skeleton friend is ticklish!"
"S-stop that!"
"Sans you never struck me as the kind of person who is shy!"
"I'm not shy! I'm just... A little embarrassed, that's all..."
(Name) giggled and began to cuddle Sans.
"You're pretty cuddly for a skeleton!"
:iconcode2000:Code2000 330 128
Sans x Reader: Cold Cuddles
You shiver in the cold. You loved staying with the skeletons, but Snowdin was an absolutely FREEZING place. You were inside the house, but you still felt numb. Papyrus was off training with Undyne, so the only people left in the house were you and Sans.
You looked up at where his room was and contemplated going in.
Before you could decide yes or no, nature answered for you. A particularly cold draft wound its way inside. You shivered, stood up, and made your way to Sans's room.
Knocking gingerly, you murmured.
"Sans? Are you in there?"
The door opened, revealing said skeleton.
"*yep. what do you need, kiddo?"
"Can we cuddle?"
"*w-woah, what?"
"Ah... Sorry. That was pretty weird... I'll just go back downstairs..."
"*n-no, it's fine. i just don't understand why you would want to be near me... didn't you say you were scared of me?"
"I was... But I know better now."
You smiled at the little skeleton.
"You're a big softie, aren't you? You are a sweetheart deep down! I love how cuddl
:iconcode2000:Code2000 294 110
Bara!Sans xReader (In Defense)
You blinked at the monster. No in a prejudice sort of way, heavens no! Just, wow.
“Hello…” You managed to choke out. “Is there something I can help you with?”
It was a scary thing when intimidating people can to the help desk. You'd come to learn that appearances were very deceptive. The towering skeleton monster flashed you a...well, you assumed it was a friendly grin. The sharp teeth kinda sapped the friendliness from it.
“Hey, so you've gotta cash register ova’ here? Right?” He asked.
There was a scoff from behind him before you could reply. “Hey asshole! The checkouts are over there!” Someone behind the monster shouted.
You smacked your hands together, giving the man a hard glare. “That's enough. This place is labeled as an open-to-all! If you have an issue with another customer that does not involve harassment or physical harm I'm going to have to ask that you kindly remove yourself or keep your racism to yourself.&
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 104 6
Hot for You (Grillby x Reader)
So maybe he wasn't a fan of talking, selectively mute as humanity had labeled it. It was a privilege, a hard one to earn no less, but you treasured every rare occurrence of speech that graced you.
Though to call him silent would be nothing short of grossly incorrect.
While Grillby was quiet in the vocal sense, the man was always emitting noise. You would know. You were currently relaxing on the couch with him…
Well, you were engaging in some intimate cuddle time pinned beneath him as he coyly placed light feathery kisses along your face, neck, and shoulders.
You loved ever whooshing swirl of his ignited embarrassment. Adored every crackle of a smile that sounded when his mood picked up. You could tell the difference between a depressed crackle and a determined one. His breathing was calming to listen to and you indulged yourself as he panted beside your ear. Every deep velvet rumble that emanated from the depth of his chest, sending vibrations through the fingertips you had splay
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 147 20
Fire Hazards (Grillby X Reader)
    “That was delicious, Grillby. Thank you very much!” You scooted your plate further up the counter for Grillby to retrieve, 30 G stacked on top as payment for your combo.
    “You know, (Y/n), you can open up a tab, like Sans does,” Grillby stated as he plucked the G into the till. The bartender glanced up at you worriedly. “It’s not cheap, eating here every day.”
    You cracked a smile reassuringly. “You’ve got a business to run, Grillby; I get that. If everyone had Sans’s tab, you’d never earn any money!” Your laugh came easily and full of humor as you looked at Grillby with soft eyes. “Seriously, I don’t mind.” You swiveled your bar stool to lean back against the counter, surveying the area. It was the usual crowd; the neighborhood dog monsters were playing 52 pick-up at the large group table, while Big Mouth and
:iconarixese:Arixese 289 92
|Burn Scars| Grillby x Abused!Reader

{Warning: Hints of abuse in this chapter.

Read at your own caution.}
You sighed as you slunk down the street towards Grillby's. The restaurant/bar your crush owned. To say you liked the flame monster would be putting it lightly, you absolutely adored him. From his quiet-demeanor to his strong build, everything about him you loved. However, even though you were close to him, you knew he would never feel the same away about you. Grillby was entirely devoted to his restaurant, and he never showed personal interest in anything else. Even his closest friend, Sans didn't know what the guy did on his spare time. Yet still, that didn't stop you from dreaming.
Slightly it began to rain just as you made it inside Grillby's, and you smiled at your luck. Although, the rain would be a nightmare to walk in once you had to go home. Which hopefully wasn't anytime soon. You passed both humans and monsters alike as you headed to your favorite stool at the bar. When Grillby opened h
:iconanubisnightingale:AnubisNightingale 489 140
Just Talk {Sans/Reader}
It was late. Perhaps too late for you to be wandering upstairs towards the familiar sight of Sans' bedroom, maybe just a little too late for you to be wondering where he went off to. But the party downstairs was becoming too much, too many questions from everyone, too many yells of drunken laughter and too many people. You were never one for crowds anyway. 
Papyrus had thrown a large party that night, saying he wanted to celebrate making friends with you. You told him you didn't want a big party but, him being who he was, he was set on that idea, and he certainly went through with it. He invited practically everyone you knew, too. 
It was fun at first. There was laughter, big smiles and pats on the back. People started various different games, one of which being 7 minutes in heaven. You refused to participate in most though. You mainly stayed around your closest friends, those being Papyrus, Sans, and Alphys. Although it was nice to have everyone else here, too. 
But you
:iconfab7424:fab7424 387 157


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